With Egg Bank America, you are choosing quality, convenience and peace of mind for your family

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About Egg Bank America

When you work with Egg Bank America to build your family, you are choosing quality donor eggs, convenience, and peace of mind. Our egg bank allows you to learn about the donor’s medical and family history, education, talents, and see current photos and childhood photos. In addition, you will have complete flexibility to create embryos immediately and schedule the embryo transfer cycle on agreed terms without synchronizing cycles with someone else.

Search Over 600 Egg Donors

Egg Bank America, working in close collaboration with Egg Donor America and Washington Fertility Center, is fortunate to have one of the largest, most diverse pools of educated and compassionate donors to work with. Each young woman is rigorously screened using the highest standards. Only a small percentage of donor applicants are chosen to donate with our frozen egg bank. Search Over 600 Egg Donors at Egg Donor America.

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Impressive Success Rates

At Egg Bank America, we pride ourselves on using a combination of outstanding donors and state-of-the-art vitrification of only the highest quality eggs, ensuring our clients and affiliate IVF Centers the best possible outcome.

  • Egg Warming Survival Rate: 89%
  • Warmed Eggs Fertilization Rate: 85%
  • Clinical Pregnancy Rate: 60%

EBA Single Blastocyst Guarantee

For each batch of 5-7 donor eggs, Egg Bank America guarantees at least one blastocyst stage embryo suitable for transfer or you will receive another batch of eggs from the same donor or another donor of your choosing at NO charge.

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